Generac Generators

A Generac whole-home generator ensures uninterrupted power, seamlessly integrating into your home's electrical system for automatic activation during outages. This hands-free solution powers essential appliances and systems, running on reliable natural gas or propane. With powerful engines and advanced technology, Generac generators guarantee consistent performance, providing homeowners with peace of mind and reliable backup power.


Professional Installiation 

Professional installation by licensed electricians ensures a seamless and reliable whole-house generator solution for homeowners. These experts possess the expertise to integrate the generator precisely, considering local codes and safety regulations. Their specialized knowledge guarantees a safe and compliant installation, reducing the risk of future issues and ensuring optimal setup for the generator's integration into the home's infrastructure. Choosing licensed experts for installation is a wise investment in the long-term reliability of a whole-house generator.

Serving NH and MA

1 Central St, Hudson, NH  03051

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